Future in Review

Future In Review  – Elon Musk receives the FiRe Entrepreneur of the Year Award. The award was a synthesis image portraying Elon’s life story created by Joe Sterling.

Voice of the Customer: “We are delighted that Sterling Insights will be with us this year! The first year was very ad hoc. Even with that short notice, you did an amazing job – you created beautiful and very useful scribing that was utilized by Thunderbird International School of Management after the event.” – Sharon Anderson Morris,  Strategic New Service (producer of the Future in Review conference)

What the Client Needed to Accomplish: The Future in Review conference is a fantastic parade of the brightest minds each having conversations about current trends and emerging futures with Mark Anderson, founder of Strategic News Service. Mark wants to make the Future in Review conference more powerful by:

  • making it easier for attendeed to see linkages between themes in the conference content,
  • making it more fun and dynamic,
  • give participants more ways to remember and relate to conference content, and
  • extend the half-life of post-conference enthusiasm and relevance.

How We Helped Them Do It: Joe Sterling was one of the thought leaders on hand at the 2009 Future In Review conference held at the historic Del Coronado Hotel in San Diego. During this year’s FiRe conference, Joe created a real-time visual synthesis of each presentation during the conference. Joe had two additional roles in this year’s FiRe conference.

First, provide support to the exciting “Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Challenge”. The CTO Design Challenge this year was: “Water Beyond Tomorrow: Using Technology and Innovation to Provide San Diego (and the World) with Adequate Safe Water for Future Decades“ A panel consisting of world-class technology leaders: Joe Burton, CTO, Cisco; Ty Carlson, Architect, “SiArch Group,” Microsoft; Per-Kristian (Kris) Halvorsen, SVP and Chief Innovation Officer, Intuit; Eric Openshaw, Vice Chairman and U.S. Technology Leader, Deloitte LLP; Larry Smarr, Director, Calit2 (the “FiRe Lab”), UCSD; and Sophie Vandebroek, CTO, Xerox, and President, Xerox Innovation Group; and David Brin, Author, Physicist, and Co-Host of TV’s “ArchiTechs” series.

Second,  create the 2009 FiRe Entrepreneur of the Year Award. This year the award went to Elon Musk,  who is a founder of PayPal, Tesla Motors, and Space Exploration Technologies.

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