“Your story gave me greater insight into your humanity. Your principles of leadership have inspired me in the challenges I face today, and are equally applicable to all areas at times of crisis.” — Bill Boyajian, President, Gemological Institute of America, Carlsbad

“I am continually impressed by the consistency of your message on the potential of people to grow within themselves and collectively. This dedication of purpose that you and your team exude is what I believe allowed us to be so successful.” — Greg Barr, Vice President, Solar Turbines

“Your deep commitment to a better world compels you to do the right things. I believe you are an excellent thinker and an immensely skilled facilitator. You are also very clear and understandable for those who will listen and participate.” – Ray Patchett, City Manager, City of Carlsbad, CA

“I have no hesitation in recommending Sterling Insights to organizations to design, facilitate, and capture high impact interactive events intended to reach transformational outcomes and achieve new levels of organizational learning.“ — Randy Russell, Vice President, Balanced Scorecard Collaborative

“By showing us how to create a comprehensive vision and providing a systemic framework for thinking about sustainability, your team was most successful in motivating the Alpine stakeholders to develop their own vision for the community. “ – Paul Rohal, Alpine Planning Group

“We were able to develop breakthrough strategies. Without your expert help, we would have never accomplished our goals.” — Michelle Avary, Business & Strategy Manager, Toyota USA

“Your exciting, innovative approach to capturing information played a crucial role in the success of the conference. ‘Illuminating’, ‘visionary’, and ‘vibrant’ were just a few of the words participants used to describe your work.” — Sallie Craig Huber Director, Management Sciences for Health

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