Challenges We Solve

Challenges We Solve

Sterling Insights loves a good challenge. Sometimes client challenges involve a reaction to changing conditions, in other cases the challenge is to stir things up proactively. Our favorite challenges are time critical, complex, and with a lot riding on a positive outcome. At the beginning of engagements, most of our clients present us with a variation on one of these themes:

We can’t see the forest for the trees! Our organization is working so hard to achieve tactical goals that we’ve lost sight of our vision, the big picture. We need help to align around a common vision and clear strategies for getting there.

We can’t believe how fast things are changing! Many of our strategies aren’t performing as well as we’d like. We need to understand the trends and anticipate more of the surprises that seem to come from left field.

New programs are failing because of resistance in our organization! There’s always a group in our organization that puts the brakes on initiatives, our new sustainability initiatives for example. Resistance is costing precious resources and momentum. We need help getting our organization from A to B.

Our executives know where they want to lead us, but nobody gets it! We’ve sent out an avalanche of slide shows and white papers, but few of our people understand the message, and even fewer are excited about it. We need a communication tool that is easy to understand, fun to look at and listen to, and gets our organization revved up.

We hate boring conference calls, webinars, talking-head presentations! We’re having a conference and some attendees are participating by Internet. We need a way to make it really engaging and much more memorable.

Most of our people are just awesome, but there are a few that need help! We have some good folks, that with a little training and coaching in people skills, could make major advances in their careers and contribution. We need a source for learning soft skills and support to master them .

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