Catherine Cleary

Expert – Catherine is an expert leader of large-scale, system-wide vision, strategy and change initiatives with deep knowledge of the San Diego region. Catherine brings to Sterling Insights over twenty-five years of experience in managing complex change within and across organizations in the public and the private sectors. She has a track record of spearheading successful groundbreaking ventures, aligning disparate goals and speaking truth to power. She is a catalyst for change with the ability to achieve positive outcomes as illustrated by the project profiles below:

Collaborating to the Future – Catherine facilitated the design and strategy for a 20 year Strategic Framework for the General Plan of the City of San Diego. Her approach won national awards for public involvement. Catherine also championed the Livable Neighborhoods Initiative which involved the creation of self-managing teams that integrated functions from 10 City of San Diego departments. Joe Sterling was co-designer/facilitator with Catherine on Livable Neighborhoods. With public participation, that initiative produced strategic plans for revitalizing seven San Diego neighborhoods and led to significantly better service to the citizens in those areas.

Connecting Communities – Catherine facilitated high level, politically volatile citizen task forces to resolve complex, controversial public issues. Her work resulted in changes to state and municipal legislation and to local policies and procedures. As host of the weekly television program, Business to Business, featuring local business owners in San Diego, and as moderator of “From Controversy to Solutions”, a series of public forums broadcast on TV24, Catherine brought more communities together for constructive action.

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