Yolaine Stout

Organizational Development – Yolaine’s skill and passion are in translating the best in science, psychology, spirituality, organizational development and other disciplines into practical, bottom-line tools that transform organizations into thriving enterprises.

Biological Metaphor – Yolaine and Rita Sterling are developing management tools that apply insights from bio-mimicry. This new research is creating solutions for organizations that are based on how nature solves complex problems and creates sustainable living systems. Topics include: competition, resilience, zero waste, cooperation, adaptation, planning, resource allocation, innovation, and more.

Language Professional – As an honors graduate from UC Berkeley, and after 25 years teaching English, Yolaine’s writing is clear, persuasive and useful. She has written government grant proposals which ranked first and third in the State of California raising over $1 million for open space acquisition. She’s earned prizes for her writing and has been published in peer-reviewed scholarly journals and has several books and a documentary film in the making.

Non-Profit Expertise – Yolaine has over 20 years experience in nonprofit development, management, fundraising, and strategic planning. In 2008, she received her certificate in fundraising management from the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University. She has directed and or founded numerous nonprofits including the Back Country Land Trust, the Alpine Community Foundation, the International Association for Near-Death Studies, and the American Center for the Integration of Spiritually Transformative Experiences.

Civic Service and Conservation – Yolaine is a major contributor to her local community as a coach to individuals, volunteer for nonprofits, and active member of numerous local government committees. Her efforts led to the creation of a 320 acre nature preserve in Alpine, CA, called Wright’s Field, and the 2000 acre Crestridge Ecological Reserve in Crest, CA.

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