Eileen McNichol Clift

Eileen McNichol Clift

Eileen McNichol Clift is co-creator, with the Sterlings, of the San Diego-Tijuana Region Game. This interactive simulation draws upon data from all over the region and gives participants, 60 to 100 at a time, an opportunity to learn about issues, trends, and sustainability in a dynamic and exciting process – one that includes the use of a giant floor map of the whole region. Eileen’s research and appreciation for a wide array of seemingly disparate bits of regional information were instrumental in developing this powerful experience that can inform many kinds of decisions and action.

Public Relations
Her ability to build rapport, engage and learn from a wide array of personalities, from the cop on the beat to executive leaders, makes her a highly effective sleuth of important information and connections between people.

Project Management
She also provides project management. Her experience in sales and case management in legal, real estate, and medical settings, give her the breadth of skills needed to help keep a small organization on track while working on big complex issues. In this capacity she also oversees event production.

Regional Expertise
Eileen’s knowledge of the region comes in no small measure from decades of work around the greater San Diego area. She has worked in various roles with professionals around the county to sustain customer satisfaction, diplomatically resolve issues between organizations, and improve business processes. Eileen earned a degree in Speech Pathology from San Diego State University.

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