Joe Sterling

Joe Sterling

Joe Sterling has been designing and facilitating visioning and strategic planning engagements for corporate, non-profit and municipal clients since 1991. Joe helped Ernst & Young learn the methods used in what became a worldwide network of Accelerated Solutions Environments (ASE). He worked extensively with the E&Y Center for Business Innovation, and was a contributor in the IBM Institute for Business Value.

A current innovation project is the “San Diego Region Game” played by up to 100 participants on a 1000 square foot floor map of San Diego County. The game simulates complex regional dynamics so stakeholders can create visions and sustainable solutions to long-standing problems. Over the last several years Joe has been supporting The San Diego Foundation in formulating a process to engage all stakeholders to create and update a comprehensive 50-100 year vision for the region. This effort applies lessons learned from facilitating visioning in Carlsbad, Alpine, and City of San Diego and elsewhere. Joe is senior advisor to Partners for Innovative Community.

Joe has a unique ability to visually synthesize, in real-time, complex concepts, strategies, and dynamic systems into “strategic illustrations”. Dozens of major corporations and government agencies have engaged Joe to help them understand their own issues, visions, and plans. Recent projects include graphic synthesis of the San Diego County Water Authority’s 2009 Water Conservation Summit. He has also crafted interpretations of the latest work by Drs. Norton and Kaplan, authors of The Balanced Scorecard and Execution Premium; and a visual timeline of Google’s global sales and marketing organizations. He was the official scribe for the Future in Review conference in 2007 and 2009.

Joe is one of the architects of the Free Agent Ecosystem™ that provides independent consultants with ethical and business frameworks to enhance collaborations. Over 80 San Diego consultants, mostly in organization development and training, have been using these approaches since 2001. They talk about it as an operating system for ethical deal making and collaborative service delivery. Joe has been a founding board member of three non-profit corporations.

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