Karen Dietz, PhD

Karen Dietz, PhD

Folklorist, Trainer & Storyteller
Karen has been helping improve the performance of individuals and organizations for over 20 years. She propels client’s leadership, culture, communications to higher effectiveness. Walt Disney, Chase Manhattan Bank, and City of Santa Monica have engaged her to build story repertoires that connect employees, customers, and stakeholders. With Karen, leaders have been able to identify their organization’s core story in order to better articulate brand and positioning strategies.

Public Sector Projects
Karen worked with the New York State Council on Arts and the New Jersey State Councils on the Arts where she helped crystallize ethnic and community identity; identified and promoted the local oral culture, arts, craft and transmission of knowledge to unite and sustain community identity. In California she facilitated the City of Bakersfield’s Year 2000 Vision (now updated to 2020). In that project she worked with a variety of ethnic communities to help them design their own future, unite diverse community leadership, and solidify community identity.

Recent Roles
Karen’s last position was CEO of a high profile national association. In that role, she increased the efficiency of internal processes and turned the organization onto a path of profit and growth after several years of decline. In that role she reorganized, automated association operations and member services, reformatted the national conference, and updated many programs. Karen co-created the Free Agent Ecosystem™ with the Sterlings in 2000. The FAE encourages collaboration among San Diego’s management consultant community.

Karen attended the University of Pennsylvania, receiving her MA and Ph.D. in Folklore. In addition, she has received some of the best training available from many traditional and renowned storytellers on the characteristics of compelling stories.

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