Thinking Strategically


strategic-thinkingStrategic Thinking capability throughout the organization is on the minds of CEO’s these days.  The need to execute the organization’s strategy and respond to evolving  environments with rapid response is requiring that all employees think strategically. 

Do your employees think strategically?  To think strategically, employees should understand the “bigger picture” as well as understand future trends.   The “bigger picture” elements of the external system within which the organization resides as well as the internal organizational system. 

If we look at nature as a metaphor/analogy, and consider an apple seed planted in the ground as the analogy to a start-up organization, then the seed resides in a system that includes the soil, the climate, and the surrounding plants and animals.   Within the seed itself is the DNA of the seed and the nutrients that are necessary for the growth of that seed until it can grow roots to bring in new nutrients.  All of these elements, external and internal  have an impact on the success of the seed.  

In the business world, the acronym we use to discuss the elements of the external business system is: PESTEL

  • P = Political
  • E = Economic
  • S = Social 
  • T = Technological
  • E = Environmental
  • L = Legal

The internal organizational system contains elements such as the following:

  • key business drivers (e.g. market indicators, competitive advances, product attractiveness, etc.)
  • the organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • internal stakeholders
  • organization structure and culture
  • assets in terms of resources (such as people, systems, processes, capital etc)
  • intellectual assets like patents/ process knowledge
  • goals and objectives and the strategies already in place to achieve them


 If CEO’s want their employees to think strategically, they will want to communicate on a regular basis

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