Strategy Development/Strategic Planning

Business, government, and community leaders must think, plan, and act strategically if they are to meet their legal, ethical, and professional obligations now and in the future.  One of the main reasons for business failure is lack of a strategy/strategic plan.  With 1-3 days of work, you can set your organization up for sustainable success.

SMALL BUSINESS/NON-PROFIT START-UP ENTREPRENEURS: If you are an entrepreneur wanting to start a business or non-profit organization, we at Sterling Insights recommend that you:

1) start by filling out the assessment developed by the Small Business Administration (SBA) at:   The SBA has developed excellent tools for small businesses.

NOTE: Even if you already have started a business successfully in the past but are interested in starting another business now, this is still a helpful tool.  Having successfully started a business before is not a guarantee that you will be successful in the future, especially if you don’t do your homework, particularly market research. 

2) once you complete the SBA assessment, you will be given suggestions on how to address your short-comings.  Complete the free online classes that are suggested for your particular situation.  One of the most important elements of starting a business is determining the feasibility of your business concept.

3) finally, go through the 4 stages of “Managing Your Business From Start to Finish” which is a step-by-step business planner:

You are now well on your way to a very good start for your business.  If you need help with any of this and/or want on-going coaching to keep you on track, please contact us at 619-206-2391.  We look forward to helping you.

MEDIUM-TO-LARGE ORGANIZATIONS: If you are a medium-to-large organization, you most likely have been operating with a strategy that is either implicit or explicit.  This strategy is a) working well but needs updating, b) not working well and needs to be overhauled, c) not working well because it has not been communicated to and followed by the rest of the organization, or d) working well but will need to change in the near future due to external or internal forces.

In any of these cases, we  can help you go from where you are now to where you want/need to go in the future.  We have a creative process that will help you develop a strategy that fits your organization, your customers, and the constantly changing internal and external environments in which you find yourself.

Please fill out this survey: (coming soon as of 7/21/10)