Change Management

Change Management

Charles Darwin said about life that there are three choices: adapt, migrate or die. The more effectively you adapt as changes come, the more likely you are to thrive.

Organizational adaptation might be required due to any number of factors:

  • External – changing business environment; fluctuations in the economy; emerging opportunities; threats from a competitor; new regulations, etc.
  • Internal factors changing the workplace – whether purposeful or not: new policies; new strategies; technology; globalization; leadership turnover, etc.

Speed & Certainty of Success
Sterling Insights’ approach to change involves methods, tools, and knowledge that help you guide your organization deliberately from its present state to a desired future state quickly and confidently. Some change efforts are limited in scope and relatively quick to execute. Others are systemic and highly complex. We have proven acceleration processes that shorten what could be multi-year change timelines. These approaches anticipate the causes of complete failure, or just as bad, loss of momentum.

Change Management is critical during reorganizations, mergers, acquisitions, culture changes, implementation of new strategies, and when responding to crises. By guiding, coaching, training, and facilitating groups before and after a Change Strategy Modeling Session, your organization will implement faster and with more certainty.

We are certified by Implementation Management Associates to use the IMA Accelerating Change Management Model.

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