Story & Influence

Story & Influence

“The power of communication resides in the stories we tell. They are the single most powerful form of communication between people.” Karen Dietz

As a leader, do you need to influence others with your ideas?
Do you desire to accelerate your influencing skills to improve results?
Is your company challenged with getting its message across?
Are the organization’s vision and values creating the outcomes you want?
Is your organization clear on how to communicate its strategy and enroll others in it?
Does your organization have a shared language and story across diverse departments?
Are your teams able to transmit their knowledge, wisdom, needs and advancements in ways that build support, continuity and on-time delivery?

Leaders and key executives in Fortune 1000 companies now understand how to motivate and empower their people through the power of storytelling. Clients include politicians, professional speakers, and captains of industry in banking, manufacturing, technology and entertainment who experience the following results:

Connecting to people in powerful ways
An engaged audience
Standing ovations
Greater confidence and influence
Clarity of message
Meaningful points and conclusions that are remembered
Enhanced authenticity
Improved reputation and visibility
Greater involvement, commitment, creativity and achievement from audiences.

We work with senior executives and others who want to get to the next level of leadership and influence, be more effective communicators, and who want to increase responsiveness, change and innovation in their audiences. We help leaders connect one-on-one when speaking in front of hundreds using our proven approach. The result, our clients empower and inspire audiences through using their voice and their stories.

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