Oganizational Narratives & Story Maps

Oganizational Narratives & Story Maps

Imagine what could happen if:

You had a host of stories to bring into sales and marketing that differentiated you from the competition and generated results
Core stories were well articulated, linked to values, vision and mission, and strategy
Staff was linked to the company’s core ideology, felt empowered and inspired
Stories were shared daily between the corporation and customers for mutual benefit

Now imagine that you had complimentary visual tools, Story Maps, that went with each of your narratives. Our custom story maps and synthesis images enable you to:
Remember all the key points, nuances, and sequence of your story
Deliver your story with powerful visual metaphors to make it memorable
Deliver your message consistently from one presentation to the next
Leave behind beautiful original art to remind your audience of your message

If you are seeking help articulating your organization’s stories, conveying them well in a variety of formats, linking them to your organization’s core ideology, and then finally embodying them for ongoing success, then call today. We’d love to help you.

Example Story Map Projects:

Challenge: Explain to the boards of member credit unions how the economy collapsed in 2008 and the roll of credit unions in the recovery Client: Western Federal Corporate Credit Union

Challenge: Communicate to Zurich’s global customers how the enterprise is approaching organizational transformation and continuous improvement Client: Zurich Financial Group

Challenge: Help senior executives understand the competitive terrain that is setting your company up for a merger and or acquisition Client: Ernst & Young

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