Strategic Facilitation/Planning

Strategic Facilitation/Planning

Sterling Insights has been helping executives, business unit leaders, communities, and non-profits develop and revise their visions and strategies for over 18 years.

We facilitate clients through a three stage process:

1. Strategy analysis

2. Strategy development (conception and choice)

3. Strategy implementation

Our services help clients:

  • Develop actionable visions, practical strategies, organizational objectives
  • Align their organization with their strategic agenda
  • Develop strategic plans that are executable within the organization’s constraints
  • Innovate new ways to do business

We have found “The Execution Premium” model (see 2008 book by Norton & Kaplan) to be most effective in ensuring that all aspects of the strategy development process and system are addressed.  With a Balanced Scorecard system, organizations are able to marry strategy with execution and feedback to sustain the momentum they need to make the necessary changes for success in a timely manner.

Contributing to cutting edge think tanks and conferences keeps us current and creative:

  • E&Y Center for Business Innovation
  • IBM Institute for Business Value
  • Farmers/Zurich’s Innovation Solutions Center
  • Future in Review conference by Strategic News Service
  • San Diego Zoo’s Biomimicry Symposium
  • Partners for Innovative Community

For those of you who have been engaged in strategic planning, we have a strategic planning survey.  This survey can also serve as a learning exercise as it addresses the main elements of strategic planning.

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